4th Kronberger Genuss-Messe

At the occasion of the 4th Kronberger Genuss-Messe, Braufuchs opened to the public with our kiosk. Several thousand savourers flocked to the Kronberg city hall, where some 60 exhibitors presented their specialitites for tasting and vendition.

By the side of numerous vendors of Whisky, Gin and further fine spirits, as well as local and international delicacies, Braufuchs was one of a few exhibitors of beer specialities. Our exhibition stand was pretty crowded almost all of the time. The day affirmed our motto "Beers for everyone": Not every variety is for evewryone, but there is something pleasing for each and everyone.

Braufuchs und its beers have found some new friends on this occasion. Our sincere thanks go to all guests, the organisers of Taste-ination, and to the city of Kronberg. We are looking forward to the 5th Genuss-Messe!

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